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Friday, June 29, 2012

Giveaways, Giveaways and more Giveaways....

Something occurred to me yesterday...

I have been participating in many, many, many more giveaways this year than I had originally planned.  It's only half way through the year and I've already given away some really great prizes through Treasure Hunts, Blog Giveaways, Gift with Purchases on my Etsyversary and Door Prizes at the shows I attended.

AND there's more giveaways still to come!!!  

I am currently involved in some AMAZING Christmas in July events (details coming) and a Great Canadian Blog Bash giveaway, and I've decided that once these are over I won't be offering any more giveaways until further notice.

So, if you are interested in winning something from me this year I suggest you check out these amazing events and submit your entries without delay!  : )

Great Canadian Blog Bash hosted by www.journeysofthezoo.com  This is going on now until Canada's Birthday (July 1st, 2012). I believe it is only open to Canadians but why not check it out anyway!
Maple leaf hand pyrographed on 5x8 bamboo can be won through the Great Canadian Blog Bash http://journeysofthezoo.com
Christmas in July Giveaways with the Strategic Promotion for Success Team.  This team is giving away fabulous prizes throughout the entire month and it is soooo easy to enter.  Begins July 2nd, 2012.
"Cowboy UP!" hand pyrographed on 4x16.5 sign can be won through the SPS team  Christmas in July http://strategicpromotionforsuccess.blogspot.ca/

The Promoting Creative Friends Team is hosting Christmas in July events also.  

One of them is an Auction where incredible deals on quality items can be found.  It starts July 10th, 2012 and runs until July 15th 2012.  

Here are my items in the Auction

10x10 hand pyrographed wall art available through the  http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/ Auction 

5x8 hand pyrographed wall art available through the  http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/ Auction

Hand pyrographed bookmark available through the http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/ Auction

Hand pyrographed package of 4 Whimsical Christmas Tree cards available through the http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/ Auction 
PLUS...during the event there will be random prizes being drawn for the bidders!!!

Hand pyrographed wood bookmark of your choice.  Prize for  http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/  Chistmas in July Auction
AND the Promoting Creative Friends Team is also putting on a very fun Scavenger Hunt beginning July 21st, 2012.  There will be over $800 in prizes available to be won.  
Hand pyrographed package of 4 Whimsical Christmas Tree cards can be won in the  http://www.pcfteam.blogspot.ca/  Christmas in July Scavenger Hunt (details on how to enter coming July 21st)

My prizes for the scavenger hunt are a package of 4 Whimsical Christmas Tree cards and a $10 gift certificate to anything in my shop.

These are great deals and giveaways!!  I think I've given you all the links I can possibly supply so make sure you don't miss out!!  

I will be updating my blog as the events happen.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christmas In July!!

July is going to hear jingle bells and Santa belly laughs as two of the Etsy teams I am a part of are putting on some amazing promotions and giveaways!

Check out the Stragetic Promotion for Success blog to see their month long giveaways.  In week four you can win a hand pyrographed "Cowboy Up!" sign from me!!  All the details on how to enter are on the page: http://strategicpromotionforsuccess.blogspot.ca/2012/06/christmas-in-july-giveaway.html  A picture of the sign is coming soon.

And the Promoting Creative Friends team is doing a fun Auction on the PCFteam blog.  Check out the  page here for details on what is being auctioned off.  These are the items you can bid on from my shop:

There will also be another PCFteam Scavenger Hunt starting July 21st!!!  So many wonderful and incredible prizes to be won!  Over $800 worth of prizes up for grabs!  More details to come on that event as we get closer.

And only for the month of July I will also be offering 15% off anything in my shop with coupon code:  CIJ12

These are just a couple of ways to help you get some great deals and maybe get a head start on your Christmas shopping this year!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Canada Day Giveaway!

It's almost Canada Day!!

Where has this year gone?  I think I say that every year but this year seems to be flying by at an especially crazy rate.

To celebrate Canada's birthday I am a part of a fantastic giveaway being put on by www.journeysofthezoo.com  Check out her blog to learn how you can win this from me...

Hand pyrographed Maple Leaf on 5 x 8 bamboo  
There are a bunch of other great prizes to win too so go and check it out!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas In July!!

BKInspired will be participating in a few fun events next month to celebrate
Christmas in July!!

I've added a link on the right for the Auction that the Promoting Creative Friends Team is putting on.  You can check it out now and see the shops and their items that will be involved in the event but you won't be able to make any bids until July 10th.

There will also be another Scavenger Hunt, with lots of fantastic prizes, a couple of BNR's and another month long prize giveway being put on by the Strategic Promotion for Success Team.

PLUS, I will be offering 15% off all month long on anything in my shop!

Details on all of this will be coming soon!  Hard to believe July is just a couple of weeks away!!  Hope you'll join me in all the fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, the craft show did not go as well as I had hoped.  In fact one could almost say it didn't go at all.  It was an 8 hour event and there were 100 gift bags ready for the first 100 people to come through the doors.  We were all expecting a busy and prosperous day.

And.....it didn't happen.  Our first clue that something was amiss should have been the near 10 vendors (out of 40) that didn't show up.  The doors opened at 9am to let people in but they remained in the closed position for most of the day.  No one came.  It was deader than a ghost town, except for the vendors who did show up, of course.  A couple of us bought things off each other but otherwise not a sale was to be seen.  It was a big disappointment.

I feel bad for the organizer.  She put a lot of work into the event, appearing on local TV, putting ads in the paper, signs around town and lots of notices on Facebook.  The problem was she didn't do her homework completely when researching what other events were taking place that day.  We all found out later our competition was a Pride parade and celebration, Ribfest and a boat and/or car show.  That's lots going on and a good variety that appeals to lots of people.  They wouldn't give that up to look at a trade show.

Oh well, I tried it.  I have learned that shows in the spring/summer (read: after Christmas) may not be the best idea.  People are ready to be outdoors and most certainly do not have a list of gifts in their pocket that they must get crossed off.

This is how it was set up....and this is how it looked for 8 hours
A different view...still untouched after 8 hours
On a brighter note, I have been invited to participate in a BIG show in October.  I am so honoured that the organizer saw my work (at this show!) and thought I might be able to bring something a little different to her show than previous years.  It's also a well established craft and gift show that's been going for about 20 years.  Last year they had approximately 5500 people walk through the doors over three days.  Very exciting.

But, I can't make a big decision like this on my own.  I must talk to my husband first and of course he's working crazy hours all week this week.  It'll have to wait until the weekend to see if this is something I might be able to pull off.  If I was a nail bitter I wouldn't have many nails left.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And the winners are....

Here are the winners of the May Promoting Creative Friends Team (on Etsy) Scavenger Hunt.

The winners of the 7 prize packs are:
1. LOU - Jem Lou Productions
2. Lindsay - Cake or Death
3. Monica Young
4. Coral - Toppy Toppy
5. Amanda Jones
6. Maria - Patchwork Mill
7. Silvia Menedez

and a 
to the grand prize winner....

Nichole - Ciara Company Bowtique

Nichole has graciously decided that she will donate her prize to a local woman's shelter that is the focus of the Promoting Creative Friends Team charity this month.  That's approximately $450 worth of prizes heading to a very worthy cause.

Did you miss out on all the fun??  Not to worry there will be another scavenger hunt in July for the Promoting Creative Friends Team CHRISTMAS IN JULY celebration!

There will also be an auction and a BNR (for Etsy shops) to enjoy and participate in and to help give you an early start on your Christmas shopping.

Remember to buy handmade and buy local whenever possible!  Support the little businesses. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello again!

Yes, I admit it.  I am the worst blogger in the blogosphere.  No excuses, I'm just bad at it.

I wish I could promise that I'll post again regularly but I always seem to break that promise.  I want to be a good blogger but life and family and burning always seem to get in the way.  I think when the boys are both in school full time, starting next September, I'll be able to get into a routine and hopefully have some interesting things to share on a regular basis.  But, for now, and the summer, it will be sporadic at best.

Meanwhile, here are a few things I'm involved with right now...

The first event is happening this Sunday in Oshawa, Ontario.  It's my second craft show and I'm hoping it will go really well.  The organizer has gift bags at the door (with goodies from featured shops) for the first 100 visitors and door prizes so hopefully it will draw people in.
Then at the end of June I am a sponsor in a Great Canadian Blog Bash Summer Sizzle Giveaway with www.journeysofthezoo.blogspot.ca/.  I haven't decided what I'm going to donate as a prize yet...any ideas? What would you like to win from me?

And then...the Promoting Creative Friends Team on www.etsy.com is hosting many events for our Christmas In July Celebrations!  There will be an Auction and a Scavenger Hunt and many great deals from the participating shops.  All this to help you get your Christmas shopping off to a fantastic start.  Remember to buy local and buy handmade.  Support the little guys this year!

I will be participating in the Scavenger Hunt and the Auction and will post more details here (I promise) closer to the dates.

Well, I think that's it for now.  I've also done a few custom orders lately and you can check them out here