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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today, I burnt myself.  It was the first time I’ve done it while woodburning.  I can’t even tell you exactly how it happened.  Sometimes, when I’m in a groove, I’ll change out the hot tip for a different one to keep working.  Well, I had the hot tip in one hand, being held by pliers, and was trying to get the new tip when I was suddenly aware of a very intense pain in my palm.  This is the part I can’t really explain.  I was being burnt by the tool but I don’t know how the tool was that close to my hand since I'd put it down.  Anyway, when I realized what was happening I threw the hot tip and the pliers in a panic.  Then in a flash it occurred to me that there was a very hot piece of metal somewhere in the room possibly burning something or preparing to ignite something else.  For a split second I panicked again because I couldn’t find it!  I couldn't even begin to imagine what C would say if I burnt the house down over a little burn.  Finally it appeared and all was well.  So, even though I thought I took great care when changing tips I guess I’m going to have to be even more careful.  Oh and don’t worry, the pain was pretty intense but the actual burn is nothing.  I was able to carry on and finish my piece.  I’m nothing if not a trooper.

I’ve been pretty busy burning the last few days.  I have had a few things finished for awhile but I want to save them until closer to the end of summer.  They’re Christmas pieces and I want to keep them somewhat fresh for the Christmas season.  So, I’ve been trying to come up with some other pieces that I can post on Etsy in the mean time.

It looks good but like I said in the last post,
it needed to be larger.  I think I'll do some kind of
border...swirls or even peacock feathers.
 I finished the peacock image but have left it for now.  It needs something around the outside to finish it off and it’ll take me a few days to figure out what.  Some pieces are like that and some come together in a day.

I’ve just finished three other pieces and they’re almost ready to sell.  They are receiving their wood finish now and then I’ll install hanging hardware and take some pictures.  I’m pleased with all of them but one of them, a maple leaf, has inspired me in a couple of other ways.  I’m going to work on another maple leaf wall hanging and a maple leaf frame for a great picture of the RCMP Musical Ride horses in their stalls.  I think the maple leaf theme and the RCMP horses will go very well together.

The family and I went to the RCMP Musical Ride stables and I got this really cool pic of horse's bums.
I've printed this off as an 8x10 in sepia.  It looks really good.
I’ve also been trying to improve my business skills.  I've got a few clues, but not too many, of how to go about Etsy and selling my stuff so I’m trying to learn as much as I can from those willing to teach it.  One great resource I’ve recently discovered is April Bowles Olin and her site http://www.blacksburgbelle.com/.  She’s such a sweet and genuine person and so very, very smart that it’s hard not to like her and listen to what she has to say.

I’ve also found a few other Canadian pyrographers on Etsy.  I really like their work and I’m feeling inspired by them rather than feeling I’m not good enough or their pieces are better.  They have many more years of experience behind them so I can’t compare myself to them.  They both have styles that I identify with which makes it hard but I admire their talent and it gives me something to strive towards.

So, stay tuned for some new pieces coming up soon.  As soon as they’re dry and ready to go they’ll be posted on Etsy.


  1. You may be interested in Jenny Hart, an embroidery guru who has also written a lot on making a successful craftig business. There's an article on her here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/02/maker-business-jenny-harts-crafting.html

    Also, I'm glad your burn wasn't too bad!

  2. Thank you, Maureen! I'll take look at that when I get a chance. : )