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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aaaaaannnnddddd, I'm back! I hope.

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks!  Mostly due to our computer.  It just wasn't working right and we finally decided it was time to take it to someone who knows computers, instead of us trying to muddle our way through and making things worse.  We gave our beloved computer over on a Friday, knowing we'd be too busy that weekend and wouldn't miss it.  We were hoping that it would be returned to us on the Monday.  But it wasn't until Wednesday that we got a call about it.  The tech asked if there was anything important on it as he recommended that it was best to clear the entire computer and start again. 

I said I didn't think there was anything too important on it that I'd miss but when is said that I was only thinking of files and pictures that have either been saved somewhere or are so old they're irrelevant.  What I didn't think of was the software that would be deleted.  And the crazy amounts of fonts I'd collected over the years.  It never occurred to me that those would be affected.

So even though we finally received our computer the following Friday, a whole week later, it was still not of much use to me since so much had to be reinstalled and recovered.  And one piece of software that I was using to edit pictures has been lost forever.  I gave the disk away at a garage sale we had a couple of years ago.  Oh well, guess that means I'll have to start saving for better photo editing software, Photoshop.  Or, if I've been good, maybe Santa will bring it for me for Christmas. *wink, wink*  Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to fiddle with my pictures to make them worthy of being posted on Etsy.  Photos are one of the biggest elements of a listing.  It's just so frustrating and time consuming!

Even with the computer not at 100% life has just generally been busy and there hasn't seemed to be much time to get a lot of burning done.  I did manage to finish some custom orders (3 of them are Christmas gifts so you'll have to wait to see pictures), like the one I did for my very good friend (see below), B's box is finally done and I completed two more sets of cards.  It doesn't end there though, I have more custom orders to do and still a ton of ideas that I'd like to work on.

A gift from a daughter to her Mother on her birthday.  I was honoured to be a part of this wonderful gift.

B is pretty happy with is box.  He loves the superheroes, Pokemon and Scooby Doo images I put on it.
The heart shaped box has hinges on the back and stays closed with little magnets on the lid and base.

Complete with Captain Canuck!

Currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

These will be listed in my shop tomorrow or Thursday.

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