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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello again!

Ok, I'll admit it...I am probably one of the worst bloggers out there!  I have great intentions and think up many wonderful things to blog about but I never seem to get the time to sit and actually do it.  Life gets in the way.  I don't know how other bloggers manage, especially when they have the same responsibilites that I have: family, house, business, the rest of life.  It amazes me.  Do they sleep?

Anyway, I will continue to try to post something.  Can't guarantee that it will be on a regular basis but I will try to do something.

Today I want to introduce you to Vincent Doan.  This guy is amazing!!  I mean AMAZING!

He does marquetry and he does it extremely well.  My grandfather dabbled in a little marquetry too but nothing like this.

Please, please, please check out his website to learn more about marquetry and visit his Etsy shop to see more of his beautiful artwork!  He's got a hummingbird piece that you HAVE to see!!

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