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Monday, November 21, 2011

PB + J Monday

Welcome to PB + J Monday!

This is another new addition to my blog.  Now, you’re probably wondering why I want to talk about peanut butter and jam every Monday.  And I say “Why not?”  It’s one of the classic lunchtime sandwiches for kids in North America.   And I would but that’s not what PB + J stands for in this case.

For this purpose it stands for another passion/interest/concern of mine: 

Polar Bears and Jellyfish. 

What?!  Well, instead of just talking about my pyrography, I figured this blog could be about more of the things I care about, like saving the planet and photography.  That’s why I’ve also started Wordless Wednesdays.  And now on Mondays I’m going to give you ideas, tips and habit changers that may make this planet livable for our children’s children a little longer.  I’m not going to shove my ideas down your throat or make you feel bad if you don’t do what I suggest but I will give you small changes to consider doing everyday that will have a green impact.  Ok, it might seem too small but I believe all changes are good ones and DO make a difference.  Plus, some of these changes may even save you money!  Now that’s good, right?

I have a really big soft spot for our planet, its animals and especially polar bears.  And this spot’s not just big because polar bears are big.  It’s big because it breaks my heart that our everyday actions are causing their homes to disappear.  So that is why I name Monday’s posts after them.  Why jellyfish?  Well, they’re pretty cool too but mostly I needed an animal that started with a “J”.

Ok, on with today’s PB + J Monday.

Today’s tip is a small habit change:  Boil only the amount of water that you need.

See?  That’s pretty easy.  Instead of filling your kettle to the very top for a bowl of instant oatmeal, just add a cup of water and turn it on.  The best part is that because there is less water in the kettle it boils so much faster!  You can have your hot cereal much quicker AND you save on the electricity it would cost you to boil a whole kettle!  Cool, eh? 

Is that something you can easily do?  Sure you can!  It’s a habit change so it may take a little time but before you go to fill your kettle take a look inside, you may already have the amount you need.  And before you know it you’ll be saving money and hopefully some bear’s homes too.  Now doesn’t that feel good?

Consider giving a donation to a charity as a gift this year.  WWF and other animal organizations do wonderful work and make gift donations fun for your recipients too.  Check out the WWF gift shop here and have a wonderful Monday!

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