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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Vancouver Aquarium

Ok, I have definitely been neglecting the blog lately.  I have plans to change that so please don't give up on me just yet.

One of the changes, or additions, is Wordless Wednesday.  I've seen many other bloggers do this and I've been thinking about joining in for awhile.  It looks like fun and at the very least it gives me a focus each week.  The pictures will be very random and the title of the blog will be the most I write about it.  The pictures will be what ever I happen to come across as I browse through our millions of photos, or what ever I see that week that sparks an interest.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  And stay tuned for some other changes too.


  1. That's great. What a perfect silhouette.

  2. Welcome to the wordless wednesday party! What a gorgeous shot.


  3. Nice! I love the composition. You're making me want to visit the Vancouver Aquarium now!