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Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving again!

We've been in this house for less than two years and we're on the move again.  My husband's job is the reason.  Thankfully, the boys are still young enough to be able to adapt and make friends easily and we're moving to an area where we have family and a few friends already.  It's going to be a good change.

Still, it feels like there is a ton to do before the packers come on Wednesday!  The packers will take care of most of our stuff but there are still things I'd like to handle and pack myself.  And we're going to be in a hotel for a few days so we need to pack a suitcase and set aside books, toys and bed buddies for the kids. It will all get done but it will mean a lot of work over the next two days.

Then the moving truck will come on Thursday and will disappear with our things.  It's a strange feeling seeing your belongings drive away without you.  What's even stranger is that we are moving about three hours away but we don't expect to see the moving truck until the following Monday, at the earliest.

Last time we were homeless for two weeks while the truck traveled from British Columbia to Ontario.  The first week we were also driving and staying in hotels so it didn't matter.  It was fun.  And the second week we bunked at my parent's house.

The boys are excited to see their new room and the rest of the house and area.  They are also excited to be closer to their cousins and family.  It will be a nice change for them.  But it's also hard to leave friends behind. We've met some amazing people in our short time here.  Met some wonderful friends that I'm sure we'll stay in touch with in years to come.

Wish us luck!

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