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Monday, April 2, 2012

My DAD is in a new movie!!!

I have to share this with you!!

My Dad, who's been acting on stage for several years, has recently started acting in small indie films.  The first one was Sherlock Holmes and he played Dr. Watson.  This time he is Van Helsing in "The Terror of Dracula".

The movie is based more on the original story by Brahm Stoker rather than the more recent adaptations of Dracula.

I've only seen the trailer so far but it looks so good!  Especially for an independent film!!

Please take couple of minutes to browse the movie's website:
Watch the trailer:
And listen to the podcast (you'll need 30 minutes for this):

I am so excited, it's even going to be in a movie theatre for a week at the end of April!  So cool!!

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