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Monday, December 31, 2012

PB + J Monday

It's a new year tomorrow!!


Wow this year sure did fly by!

Do you make new years resolutions?  Have you made any for the coming year?

I try to stick with just one or two a year.  That way I can give them my focus and really try to make them a habit and part of everyday life.  I don't do the diet, exercise more or drinking less ones.  Those seem to get off track really easy and they come up again throughout the year anyway. 

A few of years ago I decided to organize myself so I could be diligent in sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards and thank you cards to family and friends.  It worked really well and I'm still doing it.  And it's a small thing that brings a little joy to someone.  It's so much nicer to get a card in the mail than a bill or flyer.

Last year I decided I wanted to try really hard to use less wrapping paper to wrap gifts.  And instead come up with greener and more interesting ways to present a gift.  I was successful a few times and I will continue to try again this year to get more and more gifts wrapping and gift bag free.  

photo from www.freefoto.com
But my resolution for this year is to add more plants to our house and to better tend to our garden this summer.  For years we have only had three fake plants in our house.  That's it.  No real ones.  It's pretty sad.  They look nice but having real plants is so much better.  The problem is that I am the worst at decided what kind of plants would be good in our home and then keeping those plants alive.  This year I really want to put in a better effort so we can reap the benefits of having natural air filters and fragrances in our home.  

And the garden we had last summer was really good and could have been even better if it was tended to.  My excuse?  Well, I can come up with a pile of them but it really doesn't matter, the fact is I just didn't do the work.  This year I want to try harder to provide good food for our family from the convenience of our backyard.  It's fun for the kids to see the vegetables come from tiny seeds and seedlings too.

So, that's me and my changes for the year.  What about you?  What are your plans?  Are they big, small or nothing at all?  I'd love to hear them.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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