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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's all good!

April has been a crazy month for us.  Every weekend has been busy with some sort of celebration or family event.  This past weekend was no exception.  My husband and his brother were fortunate to get some tickets for the UFC event in Toronto on Saturday night.  So, our little family made the trip to our relatives, who live near Toronto, and stayed with them for the weekend.  We all visited the Toronto Zoo and then B, K and I spent the rest of the time with our extra cute little nephew.

I was also able to hand deliver my very first custom order to my in-laws!  Thank you so much to them for supporting me!  I am super pleased with how their treasure box turned out and they seemed to be very happy with it too, which gives me even more confidence.

Being this busy means I am not getting to work nearly as much as I'd like to.  I'm really hoping May is a little more generous to me in the time department.  But, it's already starting to get booked up too.  Meanwhile, our poor yard and gardens are really showing how much they are needing our attention.  I need to find out how to add more hours to the day.

Today I did manage to get another frame on the Etsy site though.  You can see it here, and here...

I really like the sign language sign for "I love you".  My kids learned the sign when they were young and it's sort of stuck with us.  I think it would be a great frame to show off how much you love someone special in your life.

Here's to hoping I get a bit of free time to burn some more items this week.

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