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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I need to learn to juggle

I've tried to learn to juggle balls a few times in my life but never worked hard enough at it to become any good.  But now I really need to learn how to juggle my time.

Fortunately I am not working right now so I have the opportunity to work at it.  I don't expect it to ever be a perfect science but some sort of routine would be nice.

My problem is prioritizing my responsibilities.  I have two young boys.  B is 5 1/2 and K is 4.  B goes to kindergarten and I have K with me almost all the time.  They play well together, sometimes, but I feel most of the time I'm playing referee with them over a toy or game or just a look one gave to the other.  (Even as I've been writing this I've had to break up about five fights and disagreements.)

Then there's the house.  It gets neglected a lot.  I hate to admit it but cleaning the house is not one of my priorities.  Someone once told me that an untidy house means well cared for children.  That's comforting but it doesn't mean that I can get away with never doing housework.  I wish!

Then there's the yard.  We moved into this house a year ago.  The property is about an acre which is sooo much more than we are used to.  Our last house was a townhome and we had a two foot by 12 foot yard (no exaggeration) that was tended to by a landscaper.  Now we need to cut grass, weed dandylions, shovel snow off our insanely big driveway and tend to all the other outside house needs.  It's sometimes a little overwhelming, but the enjoying the space is worth it.

Then there's my pyrography projects.  I am constantly thinking about new projects and looking for that next inspiration.  The trouble is: when do I give my self time to work on them?  I have a book that I try to write down any ideas but that's only so good if the projects get made.

Then there's my husband.  My poor husband.  Sometimes I'm amazed that we even know what each other look like.  I'm not all to blame for his neglect, though.  He works crazy hours at his job and sometimes we won't see him for a few days.

Then there's time for me.  After all that is said and done how do I fit in time for exercise, reading a book or enjoying a relaxing bath?  Most of the time I'm just ready to snuggle into bed or put up my feet and let the tv do the thinking for me.

This week the weather was so nice that we spent a lot of time on the yard.  I put in our very first vegetable garden!   And of course the rest of my responsibilities were put aside.  I haven't had much time to do pyrography this week.  I was able to finish a custom order but wasn't able to work on anything new. 

Hopefully, I'll figure out how to juggle all this crazy stuff and manage to take my ideas off the page and burn them into some wood.  Then I'll be able to post more here.

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